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Idea Stampi is specialised in the realisation of high-precision moulds and components for a variety of industrial sectors: electric, electromechanical and electronic, automobile, housing and gate automation, medical and many more.


Construction of moulds for panels, sockets, casings, boxes, domotic accessories.

Electromechanical and electronic

Idea Stampi's specialisation in the realisation of high-precision components allows us to supply a know-how in the construction and stamping of small and medium size products with a tolerance of just a few hundredths of a millimetre.


The plastic components have taken on an increasingly important role for the car industry, and the experience gained over the years means we can produce moulds and plastic parts such as fans, pump units, plugs, brackets, etc.

Housing and Gate Automation

Construction and stamping of technical parts using high performance materials with up to 50% fibre-glass reinforcement.

Maximum quality of finished products in terms of aesthetics and precision.


We manufacture a wide multiple-impression molds and medical items such as orthodontic accessories, needles, medical knobs and tubes, prosthetics all compliant to the strict FDA regulations for what concerns Food, Drug and Cosmetic products.


The experience gained over the years allows us to extend into a variety of sectors, such as led lighting, pneumatics etc.

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