Idea Stampi srl is a company in constant evolution, looking for solutions to meet market demands and with the desire to continuously reduce their environmental impacts by optimizing processes and introducing new solutions.


For these reasons Idea Stampi has started its own path of environmental improvement which has led to company growth both at an organizational and infrastructural level.


The company's path was born from a detailed analysis of processes related to the environment (legislative, administrative and technical) and it has gradually consolidated into continuous growth that will bring about many benefits, also becoming a strength in a future business perspective. 


The path allowed Idea Stampi to identify environmental risks and related opportunities for improvement in compliance with all legislative requirements for the environment, creating new targets linked to the reduction of costs resulting from essential supplies, to the management of waste and to the reduction of waste of raw materials in the various processes. 

The company, aware that the environment is a common good and that only through everyone's commitment is it possible to better manage the environmental aspects and achieve the set goals, carried out awareness-raising interventions on the environmental issue towards its employees and specific training for the improvement of environmental performance and the management of any environmental emergencies.


About this, in recent years the company has been committed to managing and optimizing all waste storage areas, ensuring an optimal subdivision with the creation of new special areas and has launched a path to optimize energy flows to monitor the consumption of machinery and seek solutions to reduce them. In parallel, Idea Stampi is raising awareness among its stakeholders on the subject for a more sustainable collaboration and future.