Plastic molding

Rely on a serious partner to transform your idea into reality.

Idea Stampi has become a leader in the production of Bottling and Packaging systems for various fields of application through proposals of flexible and innovative solutions. We provide our Clients with state-of-the-art engineering services for the design of custom-made projects in order to satisfy the specific requirements of every customer.


Molds for plastic

Since 1986 we have been specializing in the construction of molds for medium-small plastic pieces with complex reduced size shapes, which call for utmost accuracy precision.


Polymer injection molding

Idea Stampi was founded as a mold construction enterprise in 1986: since then we have been dealing with polymer injection molding, such as polypropylene, pvc and thermoplastic polyutrethane injection molding.

Saldatura Laser (1)

Laser welding for mold repair

In 2009 we added a further service to our offer: injection mold laser welding. It is an innovative system that allows modifications and refurbishing on already-existing molds without overheating the part or creating damage, distortions or tempering which cause loss of characteristics.

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Idea Stampi is specialised in the realisation of high-precision moulds and components for a variety of industrial sectors: electric, electromechanical and electronic, automobile, housing and gate automation, medical and many more.