Idea Stampi is specialised in the realisation of high-precision moulds and components for a variety of industrial sectors: electric, electromechanical and electronic, automobile, housing and gate automation, medical and many more.




Thanks to its extensive know-how and experience in the electrical sector, Idea Stampi produces thermoplastic component moulds for the manufacture of components, such as parts for electrical cabinets, attachment plates, covers, bases, etc.

Where required, we collaborate with our partners in the product industrialisation phase.





Compared to metals and ceramics, technopolymers are increasingly used in the electronics sector because they offer advantages such as light weight, electrical insulation, the possibility of complex shapes, etc. 

Also in the electromechanical and electronic sector, Idea Stampi offers its customers its experience in the production of high-precision components, starting with the construction up to the moulding of small and medium-sized products with centesimal tolerances.





Idea Stampi also makes plastic moulds for the automotive sector.

Injection moulding is increasingly in demand in the automotive industry for the production of interior and underbody plastic components such as fans, handles, radiators and more.

Relying on plastic moulding means improving safety, increasing fuel efficiency, and ultimately seeking new materials that reduce environmental impact. It is therefore no coincidence that plastic components made from materials such as polystyrene, polypropylene or polycarbonate have assumed an important role in the automotive industry.

Learn more about our automotive injection molding service.





Idea Stampi also produces moulds for the medical sector

In this area we have the expertise to support your project from the prototype phase, i.e. with the creation of pilot moulds, to the final mould.

Thanks to the pilot moulds, it is possible to optimise the component and the technical solution that will lead to the final multi-cavity mould.

Thus, we make a wide range of moulds for medical items such as filters, knobs, medical tubes; all of which comply with the strict FDA regulations for food, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics.





The experience gained over the years enables us to support our customers in the choice of various types of technopolymers based on the required use, allowing the best cost/performance compromise to be obtained in a wide variety of fields, such as LED lighting, pneumatics, the Pet Food/Pet Care sector and many others

We also support our customers in other sectors, putting ourselves on the line and accepting every challenge.