Medical injection molding suppliers

Since 1986, Idea Stampi has provided its expertise for the medical sector: from the design to the construction of plastic injection moulds, everything takes place in-house. In this way you have the certainty of a precise and durable product, totally Made in Italy.

The realm of medical injection molding stands as a pivotal process in manufacturing medical devices with precision and accuracy. Idea Stampi is renowned for its expertise and proficiency in medical injection molding, ensuring quality, compliance, and efficiency of medical equipment.


Idea Stampi excels in providing comprehensive support, particularly in the medical sector, by offering a range of solutions from prototyping to final mold production. Understanding the criticality of medical components, Idea Stampi meticulously crafts molds that adhere to stringent FDA regulations for pharmaceutical, cosmetic, and food-related products.




We are more than just molding suppliers

Idea Stampi doesn't just provide medical injection molds. We offer comprehensive customer support and collaborative project assistance. Our dedicated approach to understanding and supporting client projects ensures successful outcomes in medical injection molding.


The experience gained since 1981 and our team of qualified technicians allow us to offer you a real service throughout the production phase of medical moulds:

  • feasibility analysis 
  • moulding simulation with integrated VISI Flow systems to determine the best injection point position 
  • optimization of the detail 
  • 3D design using CAD/CAM/CAE technologies 
  • real manufacturing of medical moulds 
  • mold testing and testing 



This method has undoubted advantages for customers who need a medical molds supply. In fact, because everything takes place within our company:

  • you can easily go back to every step of the production chain 
  • you have the guarantee of a quality product totally Made in Italy

What’s behind our medical injection molding supply?

In the initial stages of medical mold development, prototyping stands as a fundamental step. Idea Stampi leverages this phase to optimize and refine medical components, ensuring the best possible solutions for the final multicavity molds. This approach allows for the precise shaping of medical articles such as filters, knobs, and medical tubing.

The company's commitment to quality assurance and regulatory compliance is evident in every phase of the molding process. Adhering to FDA standards, Idea Stampi ensures that the produced medical devices meet the highest benchmarks of safety and efficiency.


Upon request, we provide a pre-series production service of the first batches. In this way, we optimize the molding cycle that, once the molds are delivered, will be borne by you.

It is also a way to verify that the medical molds are perfectly made and that the resulting products do not have burrs or other small imperfections that would make them unusable.


If medical is your industry, you've come to the right place. Which molds do you need?

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