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Design and construction of molds for thermoplastic materials

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A 360° made in Italy service to bring your ideas to life.
Idea Stampi provides complete support from the beginning designs to the delivery of the finished products, all according to the specific requirements of the product and requests of the individual customer.

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Mold design and engineering 

The considerable experience gained over the years and the continuous education of our technicians allows us to provide a 360-degree service that goes through all stages from product engineering to molding.


Mold construction 

Since 1986, we have specialized in the design, manufacture and maintenance of plastic injection molds for the production of thermoplastic parts with high precision and considerable aesthetic requirements.


Plastic molding

We have been making injection molds for small, medium and large productions since 1986. We have chosen to go one step further, introducing presses of various sizes into our fleet to also carry out in-house molding operations.

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Laser Welding

Do you have one or more molds in need of repair? Idea Stampi will take care of it! Since 2009, we offer a laser mold welding service, a highly innovative process that allows molds to be modified or repaired while preventing components from overheating.

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Develop your idea into a winning product

Idea Stampi specializes in the manufacturing of molds and precision components for numerous industries.



Plastic components have increasingly taken on a fundamental role in the automotive industry, and the experience gained over the years enables us to produce plastic moulds and parts such as fans, pump bodies, plugs, mounting brackets, etc.

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Idea Stampi's specialisation in the manufacture of high-precision components now allows us to provide a kow-how in the construction and moulding of small and medium-sized products with tolerances in the region of a few hundredths.



Construction and moulding of technical parts using high-performance materials with up to 50% glass fillers. Maximum quality of the finished product, both in terms of aesthetics and precision.

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Multi-imprint mould construction, dental accessories.

We bring ideas to life

Since 1986, Idea Stampi has designed and manufactured injection molds for the production of high-precision thermoplastic parts with exceptional aesthetic demands. Idea Stampi specializes in the production of precision technical parts and multi-cavity molds for high production rates. Furthermore, they also offer customers the construction of prototypes and pilot molds for small and medium sized productions.

The expertise and experience of the technical staff, the use of CAD/CAM systems integrated in a constantly updated production complex, allow Idea Stampi to be a business partner to many of Europe's most prestigious industrial groups in many diverse sectors including: electrical, electronic, household appliance and automotive.

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