Orthodontic device plastic molding

Among those who contact Idea Stampi for the molding of plastic components, there are dental clinics, orthodontic laboratories and suppliers of dental material. Idea Stampi offers a molding service of plastic orthodontic devices biocompatible with the organism that can be customized according to the needs.

Advantages of orthodontic device plastic molding

Orthodontic device plastic molding is nowadays a common technique for denture frames, retentive caps, gnathological devices and many other dental instrumentations.

As in the molds for the medical sector industry, the use of plastic material such as thermosetting and thermoplastic polymers used by Idea Stampi, involves many advantages because of their characteristics:

  • Ease of processing and reparability in case of damages
  • High productivity and rapidity
  • Chemical and dimensional stability
  • Lowered production costs
  • They are atoxic, tasteless, odorless, necessary characteristics for their specific use
  • Elasticity and good mechanical chewing resistance
  • Aesthetic that can reproduce oral tissues
  • High precision


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Idea Stampi services for orthodontic device plastic molding

Among the industrial sectors served by Idea Stampi, plastic materials are especially used in medical devices, in the healthcare and orthodontic fields, which play a significant role. Idea Stampi, in fact, offers an orthodontic device plastic molding biocompatible with our organism. These devices can be customized according to the customer’s needs.

Orthodontic device plastic molding by Idea Stampi starts from the production of pre-series batches to the molding of big manufacturing, according to the most various needs.

With the use of nine presses of 25T, 180T 250T and 350T Engel, Arburg and Fanuc, the molding process is run with the greatest precision even in the case of plastic products with particular shapes.


How orthodontic device plastic molding works

In order to realize quality orthodontic devices, Idea Stampi molding process includes the following phases:

  • Plastic material is brought in the form of granules inside the injection press
  • The material is melted
  • The liquid plastic material is injected and distributed into the mold
  • The mold cools down, this way the plastic can solidify
  • The orthodontic device is extracted from the mold.


Above orthodontic device plastic material, Idea Stampi offers also a service of design and production of molds, for small, medium and big volumes. These are high-quality molds, durable in time and very efficient.


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