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Plastic injection molding for the aviation industry: our services

Idea Stampi offers its injection molding services even for the aviation industry, providing its customers with a solid expertise of more than 35 years.



Plastic injection molding for the aviation industry: requiriments and characteristics

Plastic components have nowadays an increasingly important role in the aviation industry. High mechanical resistance in the condition of strong vibration, low degassing in vacuum and resistance at high levels of radiation are the main characteristics needed to be possessed by materials used in the aviation sector.

That is why polymers used by Idea Stampi in plastic injection molding are the ideal solution for this particular kind of industry.

These materials are characterized by:

  • Great dimensional stability
  • Good thermic resistance even at very high temperatures, above 100°C
  • Easy processability
  • Resistance to aging and to dynamic loadings


For this reason, the use of polymers is common in plastic injection molding for the aviation industry. Between them you can find, for example:

  • Airplane interiors
  • Flanges or bride
  • Tanks
  • Inlet valves
  • Filters and opening systems




Idea Stampi services for plastic injection molding for the aviation industry


Idea Stampi has been offering molding services since 1986, providing its customers with a wide range of services: from the design and the realization of the molds to the effective molding of plastic components.

Moreover, Idea Stampi manages the whole production process, either in the case of big or small productions.

Let’s see an overview of Idea Stampi services for plastic injection molding for the aviation industry.


Mold design

Mold design for the aviation sector starts from the customer’s idea, from his needs and from the requirements he points to as fundamental. For this very reason in Idea Stampi we involve the customer directly to understand better the most important details of the project. This way it is possible to reduce costs and time, avoiding subsequent redesign interventions.


The design of the molds takes place with sophisticated CAD/CAM/CAE software and molding simulation systems that allow analyzing the mold in a very precise way, avoiding errors or problems.


Mold realization

The realization of injection molds is made starting from the 3D model realized in the design phase, using the latest generation materials and machines. The main goal is to avoid transcription or measurement errors and to obtain an extremely precise and qualitatively high product, generally made in steel or cast iron.

Idea Stampi offers the opportunity to realize prototypes and pilot molds too, a particularly efficient solution in order to verify the feasibility of the project and to reduce investment risks.

Mold testing

Lastly, the molds are tested with different presses: from 25 to 180T, and they will be added a press of 250T and one of 350T too.


Maintenance of the molds

At Idea Stampi every customer can take advantage of the maintenance and repairing of molds service for the aviation industry. In fact, there is the possibility of repairing any damage or processing errors or restoring dented or worn areas.

How? Idea Stampi uses a new laser welding machinery for mold repairing which allows to restore the original state in a short time.  

It is a particularly advantageous processing method because it avoids having to replace the molds directly and, moreover, it is fast - it only takes 24/48 hours -, it allows to operate with precision and it does not overheat the entire mold.


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