Prototype injection molding

The main purpose of prototype injection molding is functional testing to make sure the mold is perfectly designed and manufactured prior to start en-masse productions. Prototypes also turn out to be the best solution for low volume or niche productions. Idea Stampi can serve both purposes and offer you a complete service that goes from mold design up to actual injection molding. Here’s how.

prototype injection molding

Prototype injection molding and when you need it

Prototype injection molding means manufacturing a plastic sample for a design or concept of a plastic product. This sample is the basis for upcoming plastic goods or components and is vital to assure the product design is up to its specifications and the mold has been built without errors.


Two are the scenarios in which prototype injection molding may be needed:

  • if you start a large scale production, you may want your molds to be tested so to make sure the final products are perfect
  • when you start a small orniche production – in this case, numbers are so low that manufacturing the molds and the final products with traditional technologies would raise costs too much


Prototype injection molding for large scale productions

After listening to your needs, we shape your ideas into one – or more – concrete plastic injection molds. Depending on what you need, we can suggest whether it would be better to create a mold prototype or not.


For instance, if you start a large scale production, it is better to test the molds to make sure the final products are perfect and avoid a loss of money.


In fact, after having properly designed and manufactured your molds, we conduct some in-house final testing through some presses that ranges from 25T up to 350T.


Upon request, we also provide a pre-series service, performing the first production batches in order to optimize the stamping cycle that will then be delivered to you. In addition, if you need it, we supply the samples alongside Dimensional Test stamping cycle results.



Prototype injection molding for niche production

Prototype injection molding also helps you if your production only consists of a few dozen up to a few hundreds plastic products. In this case, pilot molds are the most effective and cost-saving options


Depending on your need, they might be manufactured in hardened and tempered steel or in aluminum. The latter ones are ideal for batches of a few dozens of parts.


prototype injection molding steel

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The sectors we work for

Whatever sector you are specialized in, at Idea Stampi you will be sure to find the kind of prototype injection molding right for you. 


Since 1986, we have been manufacturing molds and delivering plastic injection molding service for companies working in the most different fields, such as:

  • electric, electromechanical and electronic
  • automotive
  • industrial automation
  • housing and gate automation
  • heating
  • medical and orthodontics
  • household appliances
  • personale care
  • food


Prototype injection molding saves you time and money

Prototype injection molding is definitely the best way to test the molds before reproducing thousands or millions of copies. Using prototypes is one of the most common methods to ensure the molds are accurately designed and that the products you will get from them are exactly what you need.


In a nutshell, prototype injection molding

  • provides rapid feasibility or functionality checks
  • helps you reduce investment risks, especially in the case of multi-impression molds
  • gives you the certainty the mold is going to work efficiently so as to make plastic components and goods as quickly as possible and lower production costs


In addition, a prototype mold is built pretty quickly because although it has the right shape and functionality needed for testing, it might not have all the color details and surface finishing.


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