High-precision plastic injection molding

Idea Stampi has been a pioneer in high-precision plastic injection molding, a process which requires accuracy in the manufacturing of components featuring complex forms.

Why should you choose plastic for high-precision injection molding 

Plastic is a versatile material that has revolutionized high-precision molding, offering a vast array of advantages. As a matter of fact, it can be applied to many fields with excellent results - from the medical sector to automotive components. 


Another aspect to take into account and that makes plastic a perfect candidate for high-precision injection molding is its unique combination of strength and flexibility. This contributes to easily shaping it into linear forms as well as more intricate designs without deforming due to heat or pressure


Plastic tolerance and repeatability are instrumental in high precision injection molding, as in large-scale production every piece must be identical and functionality is critical. 


Idea Stampi deals with different types of plastic, making sure to be always proficient and perfecting the molding process to reach the best possible result. The injection techniques used involve CNC machinery which is advanced, ensuring each component is aligned with the specifications of the project and reducing the risk of compromising the quality of the final product.


Our approach values the material choice, which is crucial for a project, as well as testing, a step that assesses the integrity, the resistance to mechanical stress and chemicals, the reliability of the components to meet the needs and safety requirements of the industry they will be applied to.


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High-precision plastic injection molding applications

High-precision plastic injection molding presents a wide range of applications, spanning multiple industries.


The medical field

This technique is particularly useful for manufacturing high-precision plastic components for diagnostic devices and surgical tools. Moreover, at Idea Stampi we are also specialized in multi-imprint molds and dental accessories for the orthodontic sector. 


The key to accomplish excellent large-scale pieces for this specific industry is accuracy.


The automotive field 

Regarding the automotive sector, high-precision plastic injection molding allows manufacturing fans, pump bodies, plugs and other parts which are relevant in the production of cars. Strength and safety are key ingredients for a vehicle which, however, should be also light and fast. 


Along with the automotive industry, the electromechanical field uses the properties of high-performance materials for the construction of technical parts. Aesthetics and precision are core features of these components, emphasizing once again the versatility and reliability of plastic for high-precision injection molding. 


The electric field

High-precision plastic injection molding can be applied to the electric sector as well. The manufacturing of detailed small and medium-sized products to insert in more complex electric systems demonstrates the flexibility of plastic, which is perfect for this industry due to its tolerance to heat and other external factors. 


Idea Stampi advanced technologies to perform high-precision plastic injection molding

At Idea Stampi high-precision plastic injection molding is carried out thanks to advanced technology and skilled professionals. 


Our machinery includes:

  • Computer-aided design (CAD) and manufacturing (CAM) systems: with the help of these tools, we can manufacture consistent and accurate components. 
  • High-precision plastic injection molding innovative machines to produce an output as close as it could be to the initial idea, regardless of the design intricacies. 


Furthermore, our team of qualified experts is always trained to constantly integrate all these systems in order to create multi-cavity molds for high production rates for a number of applications, making Idea Stampi a reliable partner for your projects. 


Each component has its own characteristics in terms of design and functionality. This is why at Idea Stampi we carefully analyze the type of plastic which can best suit the technical specifications of our customers to ensure the utmost accuracy, durability, strength and flexibility


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