High-precision molds

Injection molding is one of the most suitable processes for the mass production of micro-technical parts. Idea Stampi is a leader in the manufacture of high-precision molds, tailor-made and suitable for all kinds of businesses.

The manufacturing of high-precision molds involves the melting of technopolymers and their injection under pressure into the mold. The melted material must be treated evenly, so that once it has dried, the final result is an end product of great accuracy


The technological advancements over the past years has led to a significant increase in the demand of micro-components. These are thermoplastic components a few millimeters wide, such as subframes, complex shapes, and precise cavities. 


This requires creating very small-scale structures within the core of the molds or in the inserts and preparing injection volumes that are smaller than those of a granule, with geometries with the size of less than a millimeter.


Idea Stampi designs and manufactures high-precision molds perfect for your plastic injection project.


Our high-precision injection molds

Since 1986, Idea Stampi has committed to reach new heights of technical excellence while earning in-depth knowledge of plastic materials. Our comprehensive range of high-precision injection molds encompasses micro-injection components as well as standard plastic parts for several sectors and applications


Thanks to innovative technologies and software, we are able to guarantee the accuracy and quality of every single piece, regardless of the size or intricacy of your project


Furthermore, we can guarantee the creation of: 

  • pilot molds and molds for small series production
  • molds with 2-4 impressions for medium production
  • thermal treated and normalized molds for high production.


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The applications of high-precision injection molds

High-precision molds can be used to produce specific tools and devices from thermoplastic materials. Which are the sectors that can make the most out of precision injection molding?


Micro-molding is especially used for manufacturing complex plastic components largely employed in: 

  • micro-mechanisms of cameras and PCs
  • printers’ gears
  • helmet accessories
  • LED bulbs
  • lens supports
  • consumer electronics with a focus on small and precise design


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The benefits of high-precision molds

High-precision molds display several advantages. First, the injection volume can be controlled for a steady capacity of the thermoplastic material selected for the project. 


Moreover, it allows you to: 

  • manufacture small-scale components that cannot be produced otherwise
  • be more performing
  • achieve high levels of efficiency
  • be cost-effective.


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Our maintenance service for high-precision molds

Over the years, heavy-duty production cycles can lead high-precision molds to wear out, break or no longer deliver optimal performance. What should you do, in this case? The answer is Idea Stampi’s quick and accurate maintenance service, even for the molds we do not produce. 


Since 2009, we have been providing a service that includes, depending on the request: 

  • Basic cleaning
  • Wear level inspection
  • Rebuilding of worn parts such as edges, closure and entry injection zones, and eliminating imperfections
  • Repairing manufacturing errors, cracks, breaks, and fissures
  • Restoring worn or damaged areas
  • Backing up data related to high-precision molds needing maintenance
  • Using cutting-edge technologies, such as optical scanning, which allows to recreate the 3D model of the component if it was not designed and built in-house.


Mold manufacturing at Idea Stampi

The extensive experience we have earned over the years in high-precision mold design and manufacturing, coupled with the ongoing training of our technicians, allows us to provide a service that spans all phases of creation.


From the design phase to production, we guarantee consistent quality.


Our production department employs the most modern machines. The usage of an integrated CAD/CAM/CAE system enables us to create all the components by working with the same 3D file, thus avoiding transcription or interpretation errors.


This is how Idea Stampi becomes the ideal partner to:

  • Assist the client from the start by helping to choose the best solution for the thermoplastic material to be molded;
  • Find the most suitable solution for manufacturing high-precision molds based on production quantities, product lifespan, and aesthetic requirements;
  • Finally, conduct plastic injection mold trials within the company, and if necessary, proceed with injection molding.


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