Precision Molds Of Plastic Materials

Idea Stampi highly values precision molds of plastic materials, expanding its know-how to create impeccable molds for many different applications. As a result, we engineer accurate solutions that can cater to the needs of a specific project by putting in place sophisticated technology during the molding process. Read this article to learn more.

How To Manufacture Precision Molds Of Plastic Materials


Technical expertise, cutting-edge technology, an in-depth knowledge of plastic materials properties contribute to the manufacturing process of precision molds. This is a complex procedure which requires attention to detail and high-quality standards. 


Co-design For A Better Mold 

First and foremost, it is important to have a clear idea of your project, and how to realize it. In this phase, you will discuss with our professionals every aspect of your mold: from its unique aesthetics to the components and materials needed. Idea Stampi will always be by your side in this process, listening carefully to your specifications, in a collaborative designing process. 


Design Your Mold 

Our experts employ advanced software such as CAD/CAM/CAE to ensure the utmost reliability of our precision molds. The design phase has been perfecting during the years, allowing us to develop a set of technical skills that helps identify and address potential issues that may arise. 


Create Your 3D Prototype 

Thanks to an innovative stamping method (VISI Flow System) it is possible to carefully engineer a 3D precision mold prototype. This is particularly useful as it enables real-world testing and assessment as it undergoes a series of analysis that defines its collocation, thickness, shape, and conditioning. During this stage, it is important to fine-tune the model so that the end product is flawless. 


Build Your Precision Mold 

Every mold is crafted in-house using CNC machinery, which allows Idea Stampi to manufacture large-scale, accurate molds aligned with the intended design specifications. 


Test The Quality Of The Precision Mold

At the end of the manufacturing process, we conduct final tests with 25T, 180T, 250T, and 350T presses to verify the tolerance, and durability of the chosen material. 



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Idea Stampi: Precision Molds Of Plastic Materials Since 1986

Accuracy has become increasingly relevant in the fast-paced realm of industrial manufacturing. Large-scale precision molds of plastic materials production is a core activity for many companies for many reasons, among those: 


  • enhanced product quality as precision injection molding ensures consistency and higher quality products; 
  • cost-efficiency related to the reduction of material waste and, consequently, the need for post-production repairs. 
  • swift production enables companies to streamline the process, guaranteeing more adherence to the demands of the market; 
  • versatility of precision molds of plastic materials that can be applied to many different application sectors.


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