Pass core injection molding: why it is important

The design of the core and cavity of an injection mold is critical because the shape of the final product depends on them. Let's find out below what it is and what are the features and functions of the injection mold core.

Components of an injection mold

The molds used in injection molding are generally composed by two different parts:

  • Fixed mold
  • Mobile mold

During the injection molding process, these components are mounted on the fixed and movable molds, respectively, that are located on the injection molding machine.

Fixed and movable mold together form a casting system and a cavity, the part where the plastic material takes the shape of the final product.

Generally, the fixed part of the mold is functional for insulating and securing the plastic material and supporting the dowel containing the half mold. It is usually considered the female part of the mold.

On the other hand, the mobile component, separating from the fixed part, allows the extraction of the final product.


Core injection molding

A fundamental element of any injection mold is the core, the soul of the mold, which is fundamental for the shape of the final product. Precisely for this reason, its design and realization require precision and attention at the highest levels. 

The core injection molding sees among its main components the gate and the runner.

The runner is the channel through which the plastic material, once melted, passes to reach the central cavity of the mold: the pass core injection molding. The gate is the entrance to the actual cavity.


From pass core injection molding to the final product: the quality of Idea Stampi

From the core to the realization of the product: there are many variants that need to be considered in the construction of a mold, starting from the preliminary analysis about the product, the material, the gate position, the conditioning and the thickness optimization. 

That is why Idea Stampi follows the whole process internally, from the 3D designing to the final testing, in order to give the customers burable, precise and customized molds.



Since the design stage, with a high involvement of the customer, the main goal is to realize an accurate mold.


Identifying the best gate position, optimizing the size and thickness of the runner and all the other components that make up the core injection molding.

Thanks to software CAD/CAM /CAE and integrated molding simulation systems, Idea Stampi experts are able to realize durable and precise molds.



Starting from the 3D model developed during the design stage, every single part of the mold, from the core to the mobile elements, can be processed and realized with the utmost precision.

The result is the construction of the injection mold, usually made of cast iron or steel.


Testing and inspection 

The process of construction of injection molds ends with the testing of the molds using presses from 25T to 180T.

This is an operation to guarantee the quality of the molds themselves, an advantage for the customers who can have the security of the product they buy.

In addition, Idea Stampi offers the possibility of realizing prototypes and, on request, guarantees a service of pre-series production, optimizing the injection molding cycle of the customers.



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