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Plastic injection molding
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Molds for plastic

Since 1986 we have been specializing in the construction of molds for medium-small plastic pieces with complex reduced size shapes, which call for utmost accuracy precision.


Whether you need a big amount of items or you produce just a few niche products, you are in the right place: we can make molds for plastic with any shape, even the most difficult ones.


What is more, we have also introduced modular mold-holders so that it takes just a few simple manoeuvres to replace the dowels. This means that costs are effectively cut precisely where it would be difficult for the customer to amortise the investment.

In a nutshell, you can rely on us for your little niche products as well.




Making molds for plastic is our strong suit

In plastic injection molding a molten polymer is injected into a hollow mold at high pressure; it is then cooled and opened to reveal a solid plastic part. Obviously, to accomplish this process you need proper molds for plastic, whose construction is our strong suit.


As a matter of fact we can provide you with a wide range of molds for plastic with the shape and the dimension you want and for various sectors such as: medical, automotive, housing, food, electric and electronic, food, industrial automation, and more.


On top, we also offer a maintenance service for molds.




Are you looking for molds for plastic that last long?

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Stampi Stampi

Small series molds for plastic

Upon request and according to the characteristics of the parts to be manufactured and customer specifications, we produce pilot molds and molds for small series production:

  • in aluminum, ideal for batches of a few dozens of parts
  • in hardened and tempered steel


Stampi per piccole serie Stampi per piccole serie Stampi per piccole serie Stampi per piccole serie

Medium production molds for plastic

Medium production molds are usually those with 2/4 impressions with a consumption of 50-100,000 parts per annum. There are a few remarkable advantages in using these molds for plastic such as:

  • utmost precision
  • high quality
  • lower costs


Stampi per medie produzioni Stampi per  medie produzioni

Multiple-impression high production molds for plastic

The construction of multiple-impression molds requires particular attention to the choice of materials, thermal treatments, and normalised products such as Hasco/Meusburger. As the high production may easily wear out these molds for plastic, it is essential that they are easily changeable through a ball bearing sliding system.


Stampi multimpronta per elevate produzioni Stampi multimpronta per elevate produzioni Stampi multimpronta per elevate produzioni Stampi multimpronta per elevate produzioni Stampi multimpronta per elevate produzioni

Mould Maintenance

Our mold maintenance service ranges from standard cleaning to more complicated interventions such as the reconstruction of worn parts.


If you cannot manage long down-times, we accomplish maintenance interventions within 24/48 hours.


This service is also available for molds for plastic produced by other companies.


Choose quality, reliability and durability.

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Manutenzione stampi Manutenzione stampi Manutenzione stampi

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